Staying with your parents as they age can help them live longer study shows.

We all need company from time to time. We are so used to being with other people that we feel like we cannot live in this world alone. Why are we like this? Because we are addicted to the love and compassion that another human being can bring us. We are desperate for their attention and if they are away from us, we yearn for it. It is more than understandable why parents miss us so much when we grow up to leave the house. They need us.

The longest that I have not seen my parents have been three months. And during that period I have missed them to death. But they always say that they missed me more. When I was home this past December I could hear my mother say how happy she was to finally have me home and how she had missed the days of having someone around that she could feed and take care of. It makes me want to cry just writing this. Now I haven’t seen them in five days, because I have been on vacation. But I am finally meeting with them tomorrow.

A new study has found that staying with parents as they get older, can significantly help them live longer. The University of California in San Francisco has found out the major health benefits related to not being lonely. It is more than logical to know that loneliness kills and now it is even scientifically proven. The research studied 1604 senior citizens and found out that those who were lonely died earlier than those who had someone by their side. This study disregarded any socioeconomic or ethnic background, saying that this rule is applied to everybody.

So if you have not talked to your parents in a long time, maybe it is time that you meet up with them. You will be doing them a great favour. You will increase their lifespan by just staying with them for a couple of days. They have wisdom for you while you have a love for them. After all, my uncle told me once that you can never find another parent elsewhere. And he is right. We should be able to appreciate their presence while we have them here because once they are gone, they can never come back.

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