6 Reasons Why Low Maintenance Friendships Are Awesome

We all have that one friend with whom we don’t talk very often, and yet when we meet we have nothing but love for each other. You are probably wondering what is a low maintenance friendship? It is the kind of relationship we have with someone we don’t talk very often, someone who is probably far away, someone who we don’t even see in months, and yet when we meet each other we have a great time.

I am talking about that person you don’t get mad if they don’t text you in a while and they don’t hold a grudge if you don’t hit them up so often.

But when you two go out, it’s like you met each other a few hours ago and you have been going out every other day.

Let’s Take a Look At 6 Reasons Why These Kinds of Friendships Are Awesome

You Motivate Each Other

Despite that it has been a long time that you guys haven’t talked, you make sure to motivate each other on every chance you get. Since you have a lot to talk about, you use these chances to push each other for good.

You Never Stutter To Go Out With Each Other

Whether it’s you who invited them or them who invited you, it doesn’t really matter. You will always go out with each other when the opportunity presents itself. As a matter, of fact, you won’t think twice about going out with each other. If one of you makes the move, you are both in the same boat.

You Talk About Almost Everything

Career, family, favourite game, sports, religion, God, demons, you choose. You guys will still talk about it. And you don’t really care what the topic is about after all because, in the end, you will understand each other just fine.

No Drama between Both of You

This reason is one of the best. You guys don’t hold grudges with each other and you probably never even argue. You only know how to smile, laugh and have a great time when you are together. This is awesome if you compare it with toxic friendships where you constantly fight.

Time Flies When you’re with Each Other

Those minutes pass like hours and you guys don’t even count them. You haven’t met in forever but you have no idea how time went by like that. You are just glad that you get to meet each other again and have the chance to spend time together.

You Support Each Other In Difficult Times

You might’ve not talked in a while but when one is in difficulty you know how to support each other.

Cheers to these kinds of friendships that we keep alive despite not meeting each other in a while. These are the best friend we could ever ask for.

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