Needing to Hear How Much You Mean to Someone, Doesn’t Mean You’re Weak. It Means You Have A Heart.

Needing to Hear How Much You Mean to Someone, Doesn’t Mean You’re Weak. It Means You Have A Heart.

Love is this universal force that pulls us all together. We cannot exist without love and without the power it emits. We all need from time to time to hear how much someone loves us. Sometimes just a simple ‘I love you’ or, an ‘I want to thank you for being into my life’, or just a ‘You mean so much to me’, can boost us up and make us feel a lot better. There is nothing more priceless in this world than showing our appreciation for our loved ones.


think for a second that needs to hear how much you mean to someone means you’re weak. It just means you have a heart. Don’t be like most people, hiding their feelings and emotions. There are a lot of ways showing that we care for someone. Words are one way of expressing it. 

But at times, only saying is not enough in itself. We need to represent what we say through our actions. Because we can say that we love someone, but if the things that we do go on the contrary with what we say, then what is the point? 

Other times, we keep our emotions hidden inside our hearts. People say, ‘Oh, it doesn’t matter. As long as I know he or she loves me, I’m fine.’ But is knowing it enough? Perhaps not. A relationship cannot go very far without words of affection that bring partners closer together.

We can all agree that we don’t need to hear all the time how much our loved ones care about us, but we do have the need to be reminded of it. Listening to them expressing their affection to us can be truly energizing and inspiring. It makes the relationship we have with the other person stronger and it creates more trust between the two.

Personality is developed through the development of language because words are our normal way of communication and understanding. Combining both words and actions to show our partners how much we love them, can make them love us more in return. Surely words cannot go without actions. Both of them are bonded with each other and if your partner uses only one of them to show affection, then let them know.

Even kids have the need to hear affection words since it can help them better understand their emotions. When a parent deprives their kids of emotions and affection, the kids can grow up to be cold adults.

Whenever a couple doesn’t show their true feelings, they end up arguing instead of loving each other. 

Social media is one of the factors that has separated people because now they prefer sending red hearts instead of telling each other face to face how much they love them. I always try to remember who loves me and to say it to them, no matter who it is, my mother, father, sister, or spouse. I advise you do the same with every chance you get and you will see how great your relationships will be.

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