Smoking in the presence of children will become illegal and its penalty will be a $1000 fine.

We all are aware that smoking is bad for the consumer and he who smokes has a bigger chance of getting different tobacco-related types of cancer like lung cancer, tongue cancer and so on. Although people might be informed about this, most are not aware of how other people near can be negatively impacted by inhaling the other person’s smoke.

A wide study of the causes of inhaling smoke have been done recently. And it shows that 2.5 million people have died due to this occurrence in the past 60 years just in the united states alone. The most affected people are children of course. A lot of these kids are getting ill by the smoke they inhale without their own free will. There have been reports of children having trouble breathing, having bad coughs and even cases of asthma attacks! These are some of the hundreds of negative impacts that occur to second-hand smokers. Some of the other long term impacts are a weaker immune system which leads to getting ill more often especially during the flu season. Not only that but second-hand smokers can get cancer several times more likely than others.this explains why we see so many children in the news getting all these types of cancer.

Not just children get affected a lot by the smoke but also the babies in the womb do also. If a woman is pregnant and smokes or is a second hand-smoker and spend time with people that do smoke it will give the baby a high chance to be born with complications, the most common defect a baby affected by smoke is a cleft lip. This is a face deformation where the baby’s mouth is connected with the nose, this creates a kind of tunnel-looking space created between the nose and mouth of the newborn.

These children need to be saved from the unintended harm they are facing. So recently a lot of states like Virginia, Oregon, California, Lousiana, Utah, Vermont, Arkansas, and recently added Indiana have all come up to a decision to make it illegal to smoke inside a vehicle while a child is present. This act will get anybody a fine of $1000 and if they repeat the act for a second time they will get another fine costing them $10.000. 

But misinformation has been spread out on social media. A lot of “memes” have joked around with this law calling it nonsense and a fake. But officials say this is real news and people have to take it seriously before taking an action that will lead them to serious consequences. 

It is everyone’s free will to do what they want when it comes to smoking but there should be limits when other non-smokers are affected. If you don’t want to take care of your health and continue smoking, do it! But at least don’t do it with your child nearby.

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