The Importance of Regular Knowledge VS Life Knowledge – A High School’s Perspective!

How many times have you ended up using that one complex algebra formula that your algebra teacher kept asking you about? I know I still haven’t used it once after I finished school! How many times have you ended up using the year of the end of WW1 in your life? I have used it in a couple of Facebook Memes. My point is regular knowledge, and schooling is not all that important in your life. Now, tell me… How many times have you needed to calculate your mortgage, credit score, or debt? Many, I know!

That is what a Kentucky high school decided to start a program about. Namely, Bullitt Central High School, located in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, decided to send out its seniors prepared with some more serious knowledge in the harsh world.

Last week they had spent a whole day teaching their seniors how to spend their money, how to pay bills, change tires, and dorm room cooking. They also taught them how to behave with police officers and how to manage their credit cards and debts.

Numerous expert guests were speaking on the topics mentioned above, educating both seniors and minors about life knowledge, which is much more critical than regular knowledge. The director of the school’s Family and Youth Resource Services Center posted on the school’s Facebook page, saying that they had finished a successful day.

The post started going viral almost immediately, and it soon took the attention of national televisions. The school faced generally positive feedback. But, some people thought that there is still room for improvement in the idea. Here are some of the better ideas that commenters suggested.

  • Decoration Classes for the Dorms
  • Living Life Paycheck to Paycheck
  • Eating Better
  • Knowing Your Priorities

And many other exciting topics.

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