What living with Down Syndrome Twins is really like.

A couple of years ago there was this really popular article that went worldwide about one persons’ point of view about people with down syndrome. This man and his child were on a bus and suddenly the child pointed to another little boy nearly the same age as him and asked his father why did the boy not seem “normal” like the other boys. His father thought a little and told his son that the other boy had a disease called down syndrome, that the boy can’t function properly, and he explained that he can understand as much as a pet dog or cat.


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World Down Syndrome Day 2019! . This was our fourth World Down Syndrome Day celebration and I love looking back at how the boys have grown over the years. For the first time, both Charlie and Milo for to run all over the blue field at @boisestateuniversity! No strollers, no walkers. . A huge thank you to our local Down syndrome association for putting on this great party! @tvdsa_insta . Be sure to swipe and check out Spin Doctor Charlie. And I think our first family pyramid was a huge success. Although we may never get the bits of blue turf out of our socks… . #worlddownsyndromeday19 #wdsd19 #boisestatefootball #boisestatebroncos #gobigblue #smurfturf #downsyndromerocks #nothingdownaboutit #rockthe21 @kalechipsnw

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A lady near who was a caregiver for physically or mentally challenged children couldn’t help but overhear at what she claims to be “a wrong act” for firstly misinforming his son and secondly having no knowledge of what down syndrome really is. Furious by the mans’ words, she decided she would explain calmly to him that having down syndrome is not like that. The men understood and after a short conversation he asked for forgiveness to his son and the lady.

Years ago most people saw people with down syndrome as if they had some kind of disease and were disabled to the most extent. But social media has made a big impact by showing people what the life of a down syndrome person is really all about, and not just by words but even photos and videos.

This is exactly the case of the McConnel family. After Dan and Julie had their twins, the newborns were diagnosed with down syndrome. With the positive spirit this couple had, they did not fear anything from the moment their twins where diagnosed. Raising the twins she says is what gives her purpose and unlimited joy in life because they are mostly happy babies that only want attention and warm family love. The only hardships that the twins give her is some complications like not having good eyesight and that they get sick more than other kids.

Society has considered down syndrome people as mentally dysfunctional only because they have a harder time picking up information, but just as anyone else, when they finally understand what they are learning they memorize it. People also think that they are more aggressive than others and that is wrong, they actually show more emotion. So when they are happy they show more love than others and when they are angry they get worse than others. 

The mother of the family says that rather than being born with reduced hearing or eyesight, or leukemia or any other curable disease that a person with down syndrome might be born with, they live life just as everybody else in this society. They can have a love life, children of their own, a job and even some have even managed to be models and businessmen, proving wrong every label and opinion that society once had for them.

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