Seven months old baby smiles from the happiness of being able to see after surgery.

Being born with an impairment can be a really hard thing to cope with. Not being able to perceive the world around you like every other human can be both challenging and terrifying to most people. Luckily there are somethings that medical interference can improve if you catch them on an early age. Like this little baby that had to undergo surgery at the age of seven months old because of cataracts in his eyes. His mother noticed the problem a month earlier when she saw like shades in his eyes and they took him to the doctor.

Fortunately the surgery was not a complicated one and all the doctors did was replace his eyes lenses with artificial ones. This rare condition is known to affect one in 10,000 babies in the UK only. But after undergoing the surgery little Theo was enthusiastic about seeing the world like everyone else. They had to give him glasses to help him see better but after putting them on and taking a glance at his surroundings he cannot stop smiling from the happiness that he feels that he is normal and can see clearly again.

In this video that has gone viral, you can see little Theo looking carefully at the world around him and analyzing every detail. He then stops by his father’s face and a really big smile is seen on his face as if to say: “Look dad. I can see clearly now”. This moment was captured by someone who was present there and has gone viral all over the internet, warming the heart of the viewers.

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