What to do and how to react when your kid is talking back?

Being a parent possible. Some kids might talk back and that can be a really frustrating thing for you. But careful, you don’t want to unleash all the anger that you got towards your boss, to your kid or else you’ll make the situation worse and not really transmit moral value to your little one.

So what to do? Easy, don’t get emotionally involved. That is the first rule. The same as in the adult world, if someone is talking back to you or bad about you or bad at you, you don’t want to grasp and let your ego overcome you and then blow up with a waterfall of curses. What you want to do however is to breathe and remain calm, in order to control your own self. A lot of things can be solved by peace of mind. Read between the lines.

True, your kid might be using must be one of the most difficult tasks in the world. There is literally no manual about it since every kid is different and based on our kid’s behaviour we have to adapt in order to raise them in the best way

a rude tone, but maybe if you read between the lines that he or she said, you’ll get the world from their perception. Maybe the diner at the neighbours was too long and the kid is sleepy and wants to go home. Set boundaries and expectations. Communicate with your kid, don’t just treat him or her like an obedient soldier. Let your kid know about the safe and the red areas of the communication between you two. No matter what, stay positive about the whole experience.

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