San Francisco churches are opening their doors to let the homeless sleep during the night

The number of homeless people is increasing rapidly all over the world due to the increase in the population and the decrease in annual income. There are many stories about how people become homeless. I have a friend that has won a scholarship in the USA but the scholarship does not include living in a dorm. To not miss the great opportunity he had been offered he had no choice but to sleep on the streets for a few months until he was able to afford a car. This happened all because he was not able to afford an apartment or live in a dorm due to the extremely high prices of the city he went to university.

That is kind of the same story that people now days are ending up on the streets in their own country due to lack of money and also the fact that living expenses are becoming too great to bear. In places like New York or San Francisco you need to have an income 123,000 dollars per year in order to clear out all daily expenses needed and live good, otherwise, any sort of income lower than that means that you have to struggle to live in these highly developed countries.

If you are homeless there are a lot of things to be worried about and that is the danger in the streets where people can steal your belongings, money and also abuse you. Also, the harsh winter weather mixed with snow and heavy rains can cause illness. Even the summer is no better due to all of the bug bites caused by numerous insects which might also cause you to become ill. The amount of stress a homeless can go through just because he does not have enough income is very sad and frightening. 

Although some people are coming together to make a change and hopefully make the world a better place. Two churches in San Francisco are opening their doors at night to provide shelter for anyone that is trying to seek one. Not only that, the churches have paired with the Gubbio Project to provide these people with food and health treatments. The churches have been able to provide shelter to 200 people a night. There are more than 7000 people living the homeless life in San Francisco alone and who knows how much more all over the world.

Money is not always the problem that sends people living in the streets. I have seen a lot of homeless people living in the streets simply because they are too lazy or even worse, they are addicted to drugs and their families have simply just kicked them out of the house. Whatever the case there need to be organizations that not only provide food and shelter but also that provide financial education and spiritual education for these people in order to open their eyes and make them change not only their lives but also change other people’s lives for the better.

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