Mother of a boy cries after realizing who the boy’s friend was

The world of a child is just so pure. They see things so different and expand their imagination to the infinite. I remember when I was a child I used to sit in a room put on some music and just imagine I was the ruler of the world. That practice got dimmer as I aged but even at this age, the kid in me still imagines weird impossible scenarios. This probably was because I was lonely and had no friends, different from this preschooler who already found his best friend forever.

Myles was a normal preschool boy who loved to play with other children and just enjoy his easy life as a kid, you know just sip his apple juice and have everything paid for him. That is a life everyone hopes and dreams of as an adult. Myles just like most boys had made a friend along the way of his preschool journey but his mother did not know about it because he would not talk to her in detail about what he had done throughout his day. 

The school Myles went to had twin day, a day two children who were obviously best friends went to school dressed the same as each other. I remember having one of these school days where you dressed up differently. I could remember my school setting up pajama day where you came to school dressed up in your sleeping clothes. Or where we dressed up as ancient people. I barely remember those days but they were very fun to experience. And boy am I lucky that I did not have a twin day at my school because I was a complete loner. 

Myles was lucky enough to choose who his “twin” would be in just a matter of seconds. It was his best friend. When twin day arrived both Myles and his friend dressed up with a patterned shirt and some navy blue jeans. The teacher wanted to make sure to show all parents how cute the children looked in pairs so she snapped a photo of Myles and his friend and sent it to his mother. And you would not believe what the mother did. Actually you would because it is written on the title. She cried but the reason she claimed she shed tears while seeing who her son’s friend was, is unbelievable. 

The mother cried because she was so proud of her son hanging around someone with a different race than him. What?! Why should you be so dramatic and cry about such a thing. I mean since I was in kindergarten until the age of 17 I only had friends that were not the same race as me. Anyway, the mother of Myles uploaded this photo on Facebook with the most dramatic caption possible saying: “If the world was more like this it would have been a better place”. A world like what? It already is by the way. This photo went viral because apparently there are people in this world that are amused by two different ethnicities hanging out together. Like aren’t we forgetting we are all flesh and bones that have originated from one single continent in the first place?

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