Mother and son sing together in a very touching audition.

It is always a great atmosphere when two people of the same family decide to sing together. Especially when these people are mother and son. That is when the situation just gets fantastic and everyone around might shed a small tear. Well, this is what happened at Britain’s Got Talent when a mother and her son paired up and gave a fantastic show for the judges and the audience.  A 15-year-old called Jamie decided to audition for America’s Got Talent but because he was very nervous before even starting to perform on stage his mother, 44-year-old Melanie. The duo would perform on stage as Jamie and Mel. 

Jamie’s mother was a singer all her life and loved to perform in front of thousands of people. While Jamie had proved to be a great singer but had never been in front of an audience that big before in his life. As soon as he entered the stage he got really nervous while the mom was clearly more outgoing though she was careful about what she would say in order not to embarrass or ruin the reputation of her son. 

The song they decided to pick is ‘Say Something’ which was originally written for a break up of two people that loved each other but broke up because the relationship was too toxic. The rewrite of Christina Agulera switched up the meaning of the song making it about a loved one that has passed away and that has left us heartbroken and regretful for all the times we weren’t there for them when we had them. 

The teen boy looked quite nervous before the song started but as soon as he started to sing it left the crowd mouth opened and surprised. The boy had such strong vocals for his age mixed with the soothing voice of his mother in the background was just a beautiful thing to witness for the judges and the public. The song was very emotional it brought a lot of people to tears. 

The audition won the hearts of all judges and the duo won all four yesses. The audition quickly went viral and touched the hearts of so many people. The uploaded video got a lot of sad comments on how some people missed their mother that had passed away and how they would want a chance to perform with them just like Jamie performed with is mother. The mother and son had a lot of fans supporting them through their journey of AGT but they were not that lucky enough to win. 

On the bright side they got a lot of invitations to perform live at various places but the mother told the media that she would not perform often with her son because he needed to study and go to school. Well, they will never know what opportunities they missed by not accepting some of them, am I right?


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