Puppy saved from the blazing cold from a caring goose who wrapped him in his arms.

I have said many times over and over that animals can be helpful for each other and other humans. There is a certain love in them, unconditional. The kind of love that doesn’t care about how much money you got, what’s your social status, your job, your car, your flaws or errors. The kind of love that doesn’t care about race or any kind of distinction. The kind of love that simply runs like a river and hugs everything in its way to healing it and gather its pieces together to infinite compassion.

A puppy was lost from his owners recently but was finally saved in the end. No one knows how the puppy got lost, but apparently, he had gotten loose from his collar. It’s something that my puppy used to do all the time. So the puppy was lost and found himself outside while the temperatures were preparing to drop, drastically. The poor puppy had no shelter, no way to go and stay safe. So while he was in the streets shivering, he saw a goose approaching him. The goose felt that the puppy needed help so she wrapped him in her arms and kept him warm during the whole night.

By the dawn, a couple of people that were passing by saw the goose having the puppy still in her arms as he was sleeping and they decided to take a photo of that amazing moment. The goose had kept the puppy warm all night and had made sure that he stayed alive and not freeze to death. The people then took the puppy to a shelter and the puppy was returned to the owners. They didn’t believe the story of the goose at first until they saw photos. Photos that showed how full of love nature can be.

A man finds a goose that was shaking with cold stuck to a pole in Montana. When approaching, the surprise is capital. The goose was sheltering with her wings a puppy that was about to die frozen.
We have so much to learn as a species …

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