10 year old who battled with cancer passed away recently as a family gives confirmation.

There is nothing more painful than to see your child suffer from a terminal illness such as cancer. The experience is so hard for the child and completely terrifying for the family. After all, no parent should see their child die and no mother should witness that. It is too bad for those that do experience that. A young boy has passed away recently as a family has given confirmation on social media and now everyone is trying to give their condolences and help the family emotionally.

Though nothing can fix the broken heart of a mother, the community is doing their best. Lewis Bryant was a positive kid always with a smile on his face. But unfortunately, nature wanted for him to leave this ground early. He was diagnosed with an aggressive type of bone cancer when last year after he had been complaining about wrists pain. After multiple analysis, the doctors gave the final verdict to the family that Lewis had a level 4 osteosarcoma. It hit them as darts in their hearts.

Two local teachers and the community started raising money for them, for the family to have the house closer to the hospital and they even helped them get a new car so that the family could drive Lewis at different hospitals. After one year of treatment, the doctors sent him home and he was pronounced a hero. But only two days later he passed away as the disease got him down and finally took his last breath.

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