Pre-K Teacher of the Year, a black man honored by this title hopes to inspire others.

Being a teacher must not be an easy job. After all, you have to deal with someone else’s kids the whole time and the love that you bring into the classroom must be like they are your own kids. Unfortunately, my elementary teacher was a total nut and she would abuse us and hate us to the maximum. I believe that she is partly the reason why I am, how I am today, suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. The way she treated us, is not a way to treat a child.


She would beat us up. She would hate us. She would pressure us. And she would threaten us to not say anything at home. On the other hand, my father would also scare the soul out of me, because if I wouldn’t get good grades at school, he said he would physically punish me. What a way to raise a child huh? And I wonder why I am like this? It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. But at least is good to hear that not every teacher or parent is like this with their kids, and there are actually some good people out there.

Johnathon is a pre-K teacher and he is very happy with the job that he does. He teaches kids of four-year-old at Barack Obama Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia. Not only are his pupils lucky to have him as a teacher, but I bet that his kids are the luckiest ones. The way Johnathon teaches the kids is by playing, by singing songs and by dancing. This is a very common method, known for being the best way to teach someone. After all, what is the point of learning if you are not having fun doing it?

Johnathon feels blessed for being in the position of being able to inspire kids and guide them right in their path in life. Not only does he teach them how to write and read properly, but he also helps them get a certain self-confidence, and self-love that rarely kids get in other schools or from other teachers. But Johnathon doesn’t want to just be the Pre-K Teacher of Year, (which is the first black man to receive this title), he also wants to inspire his peers to do the same thing.

He makes sure that he treats his pupils as if they were his own kids. After all, that’s how a teacher is supposed to be. You cannot raise a kid if you don’t give them the love that the parent is supposed to give them. Unlike that witch teacher of mine who I bet is torturing another kid right now as I am writing this. Johnathon is a great role model to be followed for every teacher out there who needs some coaching into how to do their profession. It is pure love and nothing more.

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