Mom Gives Birth to Sextuplets – 2 Sets of Boy Twins and a Set of Girl Twins

Mom Gives Birth to Sextuplets – 2 Sets of Boy Twins and a Set of Girl TwinHave you ever delivered a baby? For those of you who said yes, you’re probably already pretty aware of the pain that your bodies go through in order to give birth to the baby.

That’s how one mom who delivered six babies within the time span of only nine minutes back on March 15th.

There were four twin boys, two sets of two, and one set of twin baby girls. Thelma Chiaki was the woman who went through all of that at the Woman’s Hospital in Texas, Houston. Facebook users are currently making a picture of Thelma a couple of minutes after the birth in the hospital go viral.

When she and her boyfriend found out that she was pregnant, she was thrilled, but little did Thelma know that she was going to have six times the luck she felt in the beginning when she delivers six babies.

All six babies were weighed at around 2 pounds, and they were all born around 4:50, and 5:00 am back on March 15th of this year. At the moment of birth, they were all alive and in a stable condition. They were kept in the NICU, and Thelma’s medical team was watching over them.

Zina and Zuriel were the names that Thelma picked for her girls, but she didn’t know what she would call her little boys.

Their Odds Were not Big

As you would think, the odds of Thelma giving birth to six children were not pretty big, in fact, they were 1 in 4.7 billion. But she did it!

I am happy to see that both Thelma and all of her six children are doing perfectly fine now.

Giving birth to one child is amazing enough, think about giving birth to six little angels.

There are lots of years ahead for Thelma and her six children. We hope that they venture into life as unique as they came into this world. Make sure to share your thoughts on having sextuplets in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this fantastic story of Thelma and her six babies!

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