Man paralyzed from falling into slippery ice, saved from his Golden Retriever.

Dogs are not our best friends. They are also our saviors. A dog can do so much for a human being and just act from their compassionate instinct. For example, if you fall sick, the dog will stay all along beside you until is sure that you are alright and healthy again. We have heard of many cases where a dog has helped a human to the extent of even saving their lives. It is truly amazing that we have the opportunity to share the Earth with this kind of pure creatures.

I have written an article before about a dog saving a lost little girl from the cold. As far as I remember, the little girl had lost her way into the Siberian woods and her dog had kept her warm all night long for more than nine days. Since you can die from hypothermia it is best when you have an animal to keep you warm. In this article, the story is really similar except that a dog saved a man from hypothermia, while the man was laying on the ground paralyzed from a fall.

Bob lives in Michigan where he owns a 40-acre farm. He also owns a Golden Retriever that is his best friend. Kelsey is the name of the Golden Retriever and she is a brave dog who saved Bob’s life. One New Year’s Eve Bob went outside to claim some wood for the fire and he didn’t come back until the next day. He went out the house at 10 pm and was found 20 hours later by one of his neighbors. Apparently he was on the ground and couldn’t move. The only thing that kept him alive was his dear Golden Retriever.

Bob went out wearing only a long-sleeved shirt, long johns and a pair of slippers. It was snowing outside to the point that ice had covered the ground. After walking for about a quarter-mile from his home, Bob suddenly slipped and fell to never get up. He could move only his elbows. Apparently he had broken something. He called for help but being that far from his house, no one could hear him. His only help was the Golden Retriever, Kelsey who came to his aid and made sure that he was warm all night long.

The next day one of Bob’s neighbors found him and called an ambulance. When at the hospital the doctor’s treated Bob with irregular heart rhythm and hypothermia but that was not the worse. He had moved his spinal cords that’s why he was unable to move. The doctors also noticed paws signs across his body, signs that Kelsey made in order not to let Bob fall asleep, because as we all know, falling asleep while in the cold can be deadly. Now Bob is recovering while Kelsey is named a hero.

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