Two-year-old cancer survivor with down syndrome finally gets a chance to hear for the first time.

As we are living our daily lives and “suffering” from our jobs and having “too much” family tasks, there are people out there that have gulped whatever hardships life has given them and managed to kick it in the face. One of those cases is that of two-year-old Grace Rosian from Strongsville. Since birth, she was diagnosed with down syndrome and acute myeloid leukemia. Her leukemia played a bad role in her body cells causing them to grow rapidly and abnormally in her bone marrow and got mixed up with her blood cells.

Having this said, the doctors decided she had to go through chemotherapy as soon as possible in order for her to have a higher chance of survival. So tiny baby Grace had to go to her first round of chemotherapy by the time she was just two days old! Her weighing only 4 pounds made it dangerous to get treatment successful, but despite the odds, she made it through. After that, her family got the good news of Grace being cancer-free just after two months of the treatment. But sadly leukemia would show up again…

Just before her first birthday, little Grace’s hair started to fall abnormally and her skin started to show sores, as days passed by she became sicker. Vomiting and having diarrhea became frequent for her. Her parents knew that something was wrong. After meeting with the doctors, the bad news was confirmed; baby Grace had leukemia again. Devastated by this misfortune she had to go through her second chemotherapy as soon as possible. While being sick her parents still tried to give her the best birthday celebration they could and turning that day in something worth remembering with their baby girl.

Soon after that Grace would spend several months at the hospital getting the treatment she needed in order to hopefully survive. During her treatment, she received ten spinal tap procedures. With the help of her parents’ love keeping her strong, Grace miraculously overcame the treatment success for the second time. By what was told by her family Grace took chemotherapy like a champion and even in her life’s hardships she still managed to live a happy life any normal child would. But aside from her happy life she had never heard the voice every child should hear in this world, she had never heard the soothing sound of her parents because of complications she had in terms of hearing.

By the strong wish her mother had for Grace to finally hear and react to the world around her, she decided that her child better get cochlear implants. After getting the implants Grace’s mother confessed that her daughter’s surprising reaction of being able to hear was priceless. The mother also said that although life with Grace set off on a rough start, also claiming that she almost died of heart failure when she was giving birth to her child. After all that she is proud that she never lost faith in her daughter’s wellbeing.

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