Pierce Brosnan and Kelly’s son Dylan is all grown up and very successful in many fields

Pierce Brosnan has always been considered one of the most charming Hollywood celebrities. His acting talent along with his incredible looks helped him land roles in many outstanding movies, but that of special agent 007 is probably one of his most memorable.


In 2001, Brosnan tied the knot for the second time. He married gorgeous journalist Keely Shaye Smith. Four years before that, they welcomed son Dilan who is now 23 years old and is as attractive as his famous dad, if not more. The year they married, the couple welcomed their second son, Paris. Brosnan has three other children from his previous marriage with Cassandra Harris. Sadly, their daughter Charlotte died of ovarian cancer in 2013.

Dylan has always admired his father and his work and said that growing up with a famous dad didn’t feel strange. “Yeah, of course. I don’t think it was something that we focused on growing up, but it was awesome and very exciting to grow up on film sets and travel with him. It was such a great opportunity,” Dylan told Enquirer.

One would assume that a child of such a celebrity like Brosnan would follow into their parent’s footsteps, and that’s almost always true. In the case of Dylan and his dad, the young and ambitious man did take parts in some movies, including Out of Reach and the short film Iconic. Dylan was a production assistant for his parents’ 2017 documentary Poisoning Paradise.


Although he’s passionate about acting, it’s the fashion Dylan is mostly focused on. He’s a huge name in the world of modeling and has been working with brands like Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and H&M. In 2015, this handsome young man made his runaway debut during the Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. In 2017, Dylan was on the cover of GQ Style Magazine in Germany. This year, he walked the catwalk for the Spring/Summer Moschino show.


In January 2020, both Dylan and his younger brother Paris made their dad extremely proud of them. The siblings were chosen to be Golden Globe Ambassadors for the Golden Globe Awards, which they both said was a huge honor.

“Dylan and Paris Brosnan have already achieved tremendous success in the fashion world and are following in their father’s footsteps in entertainment,” Lorenzo Soria, President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, said.

“We’re proud to honor our dad’s legacy as we join the incredible roster of previous Golden Globe Ambassadors, many of whom have gone on to pursue their own dreams in the entertainment industry,” Dylan said.


The two brothers used the opportunity to highlight the cause FEED, which provides nutritious meals to school-aged children around the world.

Despite being very successful in his chosen fields, Dylan graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, he didn’t have a graduation ceremony, but that didn’t prevent him from celebrating with his family and the people he loves the most. His dad posted a photo of him wearing his graduation cap and wrote, “Congratulations Dylan on your graduation and academic achievements at USC School of Cinematic Arts. Go forth into this new world and make it your own. Be fearless, courageous and generous. Love, Dad.”

Dylan is a versatile man with many talents. Along his love for film and fashion, he is also the lead singer of the rock band “Raspberry Blond.” On top of that, young Dylan is an environment activist who does a lot for the nature. He was part of the 700 volunteers who planted 3,000 trees at the ranch.

Although he’s busy with his careers and causes, Dylan still finds the time for love.

He’s been dating girlfriend Avery Wheless for a few years. She could be seen on most of the family photos Brosnan and wife Kelly post on the social media. Speaking of how he sees love, Dylan says he learned it all from his parents and what the two have. “I think they have a lot of respect for each other and like what they do. They understand each other’s work ethics. If one of them needs space or time to figure something out that’s there.”

It’s safe to say that talent for a lot of things runs in the Brosnan family. With just 23, Dylan has already accomplished a lot in life and we are certain we will be hearing his name very often in the future because he has a lot to offer.

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