People who curse more are better friends

When you are growing up, you are taught not to use bad language. Every parent wants their child to be well-mannered, so they will teach them not to use curse words when they are still little. But when a kid hears some of their friends at school, or while out playing, start to curse and realize that they can use it too, it is a bit weird.

They would still not use those words at home, but when kids are with their friends, they can express their feelings by saying some ‘dirty’ words. Usually, as kids get older and start to mature more, the need to use some curse words fades away, but there will always be one friend in your group who will keep on using them.

Many people might think that those people aren’t mature enough, but one study shows that people who still curse well into their adulthood make the best friends.

Besides saying that people who swear a lot make better friends, the study also says that those people can be smarter.

Also, people who like to use curse words usually have a better vocabulary than the ordinary person.

So in a way, if your mom told you not to hang out or not to play with the kid at school that always uses curse words, she was preventing you from creating a great friendship.

The study is called ‘Why We Curse: A Neuro-Psycho-Social Theory of Speech,’ and this study was written and documented by Timothy Jay, a Psychologist from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

In the study, jay says that it has been pretty recent for psychologists and linguists to look into curse words, and that is why so many past research theories on emotional speech have been made solely on polite language. He thinks that because curse words aren’t supposed to be said, that makes them more powerful.

Timothy Jay and Kristen Janschewitz published another study called ‘The Pragmatics of Swearing,’ and there they say that people who swear more are likely to be more trustworthy and genuine.

They managed to find a link between people who swear more frequently and innocence. They are saying with this that people who curse more the majority of the time are honest.

Plus, there is another study that shows that people who swear a lot are less violent.

One researcher named Adrianus Vingerhoets published a study called ‘Swearing: A Biopsychosocial Perspective,’ and there he says that because people use swear words, they can act more calmly and let out all the frustration via the curse words.

Because these curse words can be powerful, we can let out all of our frustrations on a certain topic without resorting to physical violence.

We can all say that we all have that friend in our group, which has those qualities.

In their study, Jay and Janschewitz also say that those curse words are essential for understanding the link between what we say and how we behave.

In the conclusion of their study, they mention that using those curse words doesn’t mean that they have less vocabulary, but quite the opposite, and they can get to the point faster.

If you have time to spear, do a little research online, and you will find dozens of studies that suggest people who swear are happier, calmer, smarter, and can deal with pain a lot better.

This only shows that having friends like that is a benefit. Plus, why not add some words to your vocabulary that they use.  

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