Dog saves four patients from a hospice during a fire

A fire had started in one Russian hospice, but that wasn’t a problem for one dog called Matilda, who ran in to raise the alarm saving four patients who were still inside. Running through flames, she suffered severe burns, and when Matilda got out, she passed out due to all the carbon monoxide she inhaled. Firefighters came to the scene, and all four residents who were stuck inside were safely pulled out.

Volunteers Elena Kalinina and Alexander Tsinkevich were the two people who save Matilda.


Matilda was also pregnant while all of this happened, and people said that even though she was in pain, she didn’t give up. One shelter in St. Petersburg called Vasilek is keeping Matilda and making sure that she is cared for. The most damaging burns were on her head, neck, and abdomen. They even had a fertility specialist come and check if the puppies were alright.

When the check was over, it was determined that all the puppies inside were healthy and were developing well. The one thing that Matilda wouldn’t be able to do is to feed her puppies because her nipples were severely burned. They still can’t tell for sure how many puppies she is carrying, but it is pretty reassuring that all of them are fine and healthy.

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