15+ examples of people using too much Photoshop on Instagram

With all the applications and touch-up programs that exist today, we can make ourselves look however we like. But there is a line that we can’t cross because it will make us look pretty unnatural. Many people today decide to cross that line and make themselves look nothing like they look in real life.

You can use filters or other tools to make your pictures look a little nicer, but these individuals you are about to see took everything to another level.

1. This girl was only trying to make herself a bit taller, but she added more inches then ordinary

2. We know that Photoshop can be useful but make sure you do it right

3. This is a prime example of how not to use filters

4. We see that this girl made some adjustments but, she forgot her reflection on the mirror

5. Maybe going to the gym will be the better option for this guy

6. It is pretty unnatural for wood to bend like that

7. We hope that she knows that she altered this photo too much

8. Some touching up is fine, but adding a new face is a little excessive

9. Please realize that doing this much Photoshop doesn’t make you look better

10. you would think that these are different people, but it is the same person with lots of picture editing

11. These two don’t even look human

12. Someone needs to tell Kylie Jenner that doorframes don’t look like that

13. The guy looks like a mannequin, not a real person

14. Why edit your mug shots?

15. This girl tried to tuck in her belly and ended up morphing her boyfriend’s swim trunks

16. When you are adding so many filters that your nose vanishes

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