35+ photos of people that are certainly having a bad day

We all have bad days, whether you went out and forgot something at home, you are stuck in traffic, and you have to hurry to take the kids to school, or just things aren’t going your way at the moment. Well, fear not, we have gathered photos of people that are in worse situations than you. When you see these photos, you will be lucky that you only have to worry about the small inconvenience that is bothering you.

When we talk about bad days, this is what we are talking about.

1. All that time and dedication put in, and one false move can ruin it all

2. This guy needs to look behind him

3. Well, they aren’t going anywhere today

4. It is one thing to put on different socks, but different shoes

5. How unlucky can you be?

6. A piece of advice, don’t open sunroofs after it snowed

7. Someone is going to be in trouble

8. Always close your windows when it is snowing

9. Those pants weren’t the right size

10. Now, how does this happen?

11. When you are allergic to everything

12. Double check dates

13. He must have thought it was a dress-up party

14. It looks like it is the end for this guy

15. When the car itself give you signs that you have made a wrong choice

16. This will be an interesting excuse on why you are late for work

17.  Sell the whole car

18. This guy should have driven slowly

19. We all know this feeling

20. Since when porcupines climb trees?

21. Do you burst the bubble or think of something else?

22. Locked out of his own home

23. How did the car get into the mall?


24. Um, miss, can you tell the pilot there is something wrong with the wing of the plane

25. It is time for a car wash

26. The individual can’t even rest when they are dead

27. You should take the pump back to the gas station

28. Should have crossed the road

29. Imagine taking a sip and seeing this

30. The insurance company will certainly cover it

31. Well, you have to get a new phone now

32. How does this happen to bananas?

33. You are driving to work, and this happens to you, what will you do?

34. Guess this person is walking to where they are going

35. That must have hurt

36. Clean up time!

37. That kid will know not to go on swings anymore

38. Someone needs to help her

39. What road did he take?

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