35+ examples of people with unique genetics

Every single person is unique in their own way. Ever since we are young, we are taught to embrace our differences and love the unique things that make us stand out and special.

Once in a while, there will be someone that will have some kind of a genetic anomaly. It can happen to anybody, and having a distinctive birthmark or missing some part of your body can make a person unique.

We have gathered some photos of people that have some genetic disorders that have altered their looks. You may not have seen some things that you will see right now.

1. This baby has the same unique hair part as her mother

2. How cute does this little birthmark resembling a heart look

3. An iris that is split into two

4. Due to a congenital gene defect, this man has darker patches of hair in specific body areas


5. Have you seen blue eyes like these?


6. A man born with six fingers on both of his hands


7. A boy born with Albinism


8. This guy has one thumb that is the same as his dad and one thumb that is the same as his mom


9. A baby with elf ears

10. Having a finger without a nail

11. We guess this guy was born to do this task

12. An amazing scar on an eye

13. Born with four fingers on one hand, and his thumb is an index finger

14. A half freckled face

15. Hair Whorls that go in different directions

16. A two-colored eye

17. Because a father had the tip of his index finger cut off when he was young, his son has an index finger that is smaller than his pinky

18. White eyelashes

19. Sisters both having connected toes

20. One streak of darker hair

21. Little tentacles on the bottom of a tongue

22. Holding things backward


23. One man has six toes, and one of his co-workers has four

24. Having two uvulas


25. Born with only three fingers on one hand

26. Different eye colors

27. Having all five finger but not having a thumb

28. This person can squash his nose because he was born without a bridge in his nose

29. This person’s right thumb can’t bend

30. A baby with a perfect number ‘2’ on his head

31. His hand looks like he is always in the pool

32. This person’s pinky is his biggest finger


33. Having the ability to look inside your fingers when you hold them up to the light

34. Born with Ryder’s Polydactyly (born with an extra toe)

35. A person with a connected ring and middle finger

36. First time seeing curved fingernails

37. Having eyes like a reptile

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