People who can read backwards are smarter that the rest?

I am not really a sports person. I mean I just paid for a gym subscription for the first time three weeks ago and I went in there only three times to exercise. I like more the mental challenges that train my brain. Now I have never been a fan of Sudoku, (sorry, I find that game weird and people who like it even weirder), but if you want to battle me at chess then you are more than welcome. There are different types of mind games that are not only fun but also train our brain capacity.

Some of these games are board games that we play at home with family members. I remember that when I was little we used to sit around the table four of us and play different board games, we would even make up the board games ourselves. I remember one time that I returned from the hospital after being sick, and my brother and sister had invented an awesome board game to which we gave a strange name and would play it with dice. I was raised playing games that trained my mental capacity.

Now that I am all grown up I like playing other brain exercising games such. With the boom of social media the options are limitless. You have games on Facebook. You have games that you can download on your smart phone. Even the classic board games are turned into apps nowadays. How about we invent a new game right now? Let’s see who is better at reading backwards. This is how we would come up with games when little. We would just have an idea and practice it. Well let’s try it out. Here is a sentence and let’s see how many of you can get it right.


Was it that hard? I can do this quickly. I am not bragging about it. I am just saying. Maybe it is like a hidden talent. Perhaps there are some of you right now that know what I am talking about. Let’s set some ground rules. We need someone to be the judge and the rest to compete. The judge is going to hold the clock and start it soon as everybody looks at the picture. When the first one can spell out everything the judge is going to stop the clock. This way we can play with records to get things interesting. Ready? Alright, here is another one.


Okay, how did you get know? Probably some of you are still trying to figure out what is written in this sentence. Don’t worry, you will probably get there. You see what I am talking about. This is how we would make up a game from nowhere and play it for a whole week and then make up another game.

We all have that kid inside us even though we are all grown up. That spark is what keeps us young is our souls and puts smiles to our faces.

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