Mother Shares a Photo of the Graves of her 3 Kids Killed by a Drunk Driver!

We’ve already written a couple of articles on the Drunk Driving topic. And hopefully, by now you’ve probably all learned that it is not a good thing. But, we still get thousands and thousands of offenses linked to drunk driving in the US alone on a daily basis. And, the worst fact is that people are still losing their lives because of the reckless behavior of others!

That’s the faith of a heartbroken mother of three who shared a photo of her kids’ graves who she lost because of a drunk driver. On the photo she posted, you can notice the three graves of the children and their lunchboxes on what should have been their first day of school.

Jennifer Neville-Lake from Bampton, Ontario, was a proud mother of three, 2-year-old Milly, 5-year-old Harry, and 9-year-old Daniel, the three kids that were killed by the reckless behavior of a drunk driver. Jennifer stated that her youngest would’ve been second grade, Harry fourth, and her oldest one, Daniel would have been in eighth grade.

But, her life was turned upside down when back in 2015, a drunk driver killed all three of them. She also wrote a post to go with the picture, and on the post, she mentioned that these were the boxes that they should’ve taken with them on the first school day of 2015.

Jennifer also said that when she speaks with her friends about it, they say that they would never complain about homework, or some silly things that their kids are doing, after what happened to Jennifer, her friends cherish each and every moment that they spend with their kids.

She ended the interview by speaking about the things that she would never be able to do together with her kids, just because of the fact that one person decided to drive drunk! That’s a really powerful message from the mother.

Milly, Harry, and Daniel were killed when they were coming back from their grandparents’ house. The killer, Marco Muzzo, was driving under the influence of alcohol. When Marco hit the van that was carrying all three kids, their grandparents, and their great grandmother, it took all of their lives, including Jennifer’s dad and grandmother. The only survivor from the accident was Jennifer’s mom. After an investigation, the cops found out that Marco had drunk two times more from the legal limit. After the hearing, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for drunk driving.

Despite the fact that the offender is in prison for a long time, Jennifer still cannot do anything to bring her children back. She must live the rest of her life without them. And, nothing can make up for that.

The only thing that we can do for Jennifer is to help her in her campaign dedicated to drunk driving. Make sure to share this article and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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