People that don’t realize what’s in the background of their photos

Every time you are about to take a photo, especially if it is a selfie, take a look around you. Many people today take the selfie, and they don’t look at their surroundings, they like how they turn out in the picture and post it on social media.

Here are some examples of people now realizing what’s in the background.

1. Next time you want to fool people into thinking that someone is taking pictures of you while you sleep, make sure there isn’t a mirror behind you

2. This had to be a dare she had to do

3. Are toilet selfies the new trend?

4. Take your pictures fully clothed next time

5. Um, sir, what are you looking at?

6. We advise looking at that at home

7. Reflections can be harsh

8. Stop using your kids as photographers; you have times on cameras

9. Check the photo twice before posting it

10. Someone has some cleaning to do

11. Are those his legs?

12. How did that get up there?

13. You have to love people who try to sell their mirrors

14. That is a creepy place to put a mirror

15. Don’t worry; he still has his head

16. Mirror inception

17. We have nothing against taking photos of your mirror that you want to sell, but at least put on a shirt

18. That couldn’t be the only mirror in her home

19. This is just ridiculous

20. That was put there on purpose

21. Stop putting mirrors in front of toilets

22. It is an honest designer mistake

23. We don’t think that is how a mirror works

24. That is an impressive angle

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