Give Thanks 🙏 Christmas 2020

This isn’t the Christmas we get all that we want. It is the Christmas to Thank God for all that we have.

It’s been a long and difficult year. We’ve all been through many trials, heartache and many days of not knowing how we’re going to make it through.

But through everything we’ve been through, God has made us stronger. The holidays will be different for all of us, we might not be seeing our family members and sharing meals together but we still have hope and love in our hearts.

Although Christmas will be different, we need to stop and take time to give thanks to God. We’re still here and that is such a blessing. So thank God for your life, your family and your home.

Keep hope in your heart that things will be better soon. God will always prevail. May God bless you and your families this holiday season and for always. Amen.

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