NYC Mayor: People will die if Trump doesn’t handle this pandemic

Desperate times need desperate measures. And if they are not fulfilled tragedy strikes. In the case of this deadly coronavirus pandemic, countries are living under stricter laws. Europe and America are the next “victims” of the COVID-19. 

Italy has gone through a total lockdown and has banned almost every social gathering and even banned going outside unless you need basic needs like food, medication, and supplies. With a number of over 50 thousand infected and over 500 lives taken per day from this deadly disease, it has left the government with no choice but to lock citizens in their homes.

I live in the Mediterranean also and even my country has gone under total lockdown. People are banned from going outside after 1 pm and all stores except those that sell a needy service, are shut down. 

The pandemic outbreak is critical in the USA also. The most affected area is New York and thousands are infected each day. The main problem for this state is the lack of medical equipment. 

Bill de Blasio, the New York City Mayor disapproved of President Donald Trump’s reaction to the pandemic situation. He blamed Trump for not responsibly handling the production of medical supplies that are important to save hundreds of lives throughout the state. Bill de Blasio claimed that there aren’t enough masks, gloves or even ventilators to come in aid to New Yorkers in order to save their lives. 

He also criticized Trump for not deploying the military through America to help with the health crisis. The military is ready more than ever to come to aid in these dark times. The only reason they are on their bases and not taking action is only because the president would not give them the order. 

America has almost 30 thousand confirmed cases of the coronavirus. And it only just has started, being far away from reaching the peak of the outbreak. A study showed that only 80 million Americans are obeying the “stay at home” order. This means that millions of other Americans are prone to the disease each day. 

Medical care is crucial in these kinds of situations as the advancement and preparation of it will save the lives of many people, people that have family members praying for their life. 

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