Not exactly a kid selling lemonade but not even a bad small business idea.

Well, summer is here and every one of us likes to enjoy a nice cold beer from time to time. But when a kid puts up a stand and decides to make some money from his lawn, he usually decides to sell lemonade or a soda or something. The kid is out the story, instead decided to be a little bit smarter than that. He went on to sell root beer. And he did not even need a liquor license. So when the neighbors called the cops after seeing a minor selling ‘beer’, they were surprised to find out the kid actually had a really good business going on.

In order to achieve something in this life and be able to do what you love, you have to think outside the box. You see, most kids, in fact, every kind, whether in the neighborhood or from the movies, we all are familiar with the scene where every kid has a lemonade stand for random people that pass by. But beer is the first one for me. I just love the fact how this kid is able to think outside the box this way and believe me, the low hook after the jabs get better and better.

You see the kid was holding a sign where Ice Cold Beer was written in capital letters. But what the people who called the cops did not spot, was the small word ‘root’, right on top of the word beer. That is one of the cleverest ways to market. Marketing works like that. You put always highlight what the client wants, in this case, ICE COLD BEER, in capital letters. But you disguise or better yet, belittle, what’s really not important to the client, so in this case ‘root’.

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