First black woman to serve as a general in the Marine forces, nominated by Trump.

When it comes to the name, Donald Trump, almost every American citizen, has something to say about him. Whether his fans or the so-called Trump supporters or the opposite side, everyone has something to say when they hear the name, Donald Trump. Despite the fact of building a wall to keep the Mexicans out and the whole social war with Kapernick, or getting dissed by an artist as big Eminem, Trump always seems to have a card under his sleeve to seduce people again and again.

Did you know that of all the Marine forces, only 8% of them are women? So naturally the chances that one of those women that serve the country, get a promotion are pretty slim. But yet and all, one woman managed to get nominated as General. And this woman’s name is Col. Lorna M. Mahlock, who is the first, black woman to be in such a role. The announcement was made by Donald Trump and herself on Twitter. She actually said that if Trump was a democrat, the news would have been in all of the papers.

While Lorna has every education possible and she is the most fitted person to be in the General role, the public might be surprised with this action taken by Trump. Is just something you would not expect from him. Well I guess, stats cannot be objected and even for someone like Donald Trump, he cannot go against odds. I mean it is clear when someone deserves a certain promotion and even if Trump would not want to do that, which I am not saying he didn’t, I am just presuming, still it would just look bad in the eyes of the public. So way to go Trump.

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