Gas syphoning goes wrong, when thieves realize that’s not the right tank.

I don’t know about you but I am somehow ‘addicted’ with the Instant Karma youtube videos, just because of the extraordinary coincidences that I see on those videos. I mean someone can get a taste of their medicine so fast that they didn’t even have time to process what is going on. The strange thing about fate. Instant karma hit two thieves this weekend when they were trying to siphon gas from a tour bus. And things went wrong. I mean terribly, wrong.

So for those of you who don’t know what ‘siphoning’ is, it is stealing gas from someone’s car with the use of a pipe and a bucket. It is a crime and it has been going for a very long time. Some people get caught by owners and get arrested or sometimes an occasional beat up. But what happened to these guys is truly special and it makes me wonder about how the universe does these things? Or how people can be so dumb, to not recognize the fuel tank and put the pipe in the wrongest place ever.

What happened is that these gas thieves were trying to siphon gas during the night. Since it is dark and it is a tour bus, nobody can spot them. Well, that’s what they thought. But what really happened is that they mistook the sewer tank with the gas tank and started to blow the pipe. Although no one has been arrested since they probably flee, right after one of them got a huge chunk of human feces. I bet his mouth still smells. And for those of you, that think of siphoning other people’s gas, careful. Karma is always watching.

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