Random plane passenger writes back a heartwarming letter, to a mother of an autistic boy.

Not everybody can help or cares as much to give help when it comes to strangers. But not everybody’s the same. What this man has done for the mother of a young autistic boy, has touched some hearts on social media. This is the kind of actions you don’t always expect from strangers, but when they happen, they are as unique as pure love can be. Ben is the name of the man, who helped a boy that suffers from autism when he sat right next to him on a flight.

Alexa Bjornson is the name of a woman who has a boy that suffers from autism. She was sending him on a flight, unaccompanied and since she was worried about him, she gave him a letter for whoever was going to sit next to the boy on the plane. It turns out that Ben, was the one sitting next to the autistic kid, and he was very kind to him. He replied every time that the boy would ask if they arrived or not, and he even played rock paper scissors with him.

On top of that, Ben even wrote back to the mother, explaining the whole situation and telling her not to worry too much. Alexa has put a $10 bill inside the first letter, but Ben did not need that money. He decided to donate them to an organization that helps Autistic children. Alexa went on to post the story on social media, touching the hearts of the public with such a random act of kindness that came from a stranger.

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