Nine-year-old battling with cancer is cured in less than one year.

Cancer is something terrible to happen to anybody. I wouldn’t wish cancer to no one because you have to go through so much to defeat it. Chemotherapy, staying in the hospital the whole time, is an ongoing battle that might even take your life. But while some people are unfortunate and lose their lives because of cancer, other people managed to get cured. When you look at the disease it is as if God put cancer on Earth as a reminder for us to not take life for granted.

I was diagnosed with meningitis when I was only nine months old. It was a terrible faze that my family had to go through. Learning that their son might die, shook the hearts of my parents. I even went in clinical death but God brought me back to life, giving me another chance to enjoy this land and here I am safe and sane writing this article. But I think that if I never had gone through that phase, I wouldn’t be here right now and I wouldn’t have the level of belief that I have right now.

Struggles make us stronger. They make us a better person than we were before and if we grow through them, we come out on the other side invincible. Take the case of this nine-year-old who was diagnosed with cancer. Kaylee Tollison started complaining to her parents about stomach age last year and after they took her to the doctor, they thought that it was only a matter of constipation. In fact it was a tumor, but it was only to be discovered later. An ultrasound diagnose showed that a 10-centimeter size tumor was in Kaylee’s abdomen.

She was to leave school in March 2019 to undergo chemotherapy treatment in the hospital. And this was about to change her whole life. While her peers were about to finish the third grade, she didn’t even know if she was going to be alive or not. Her cancer case was a very rare one, called ovarian cancer. But luckily statistics show that the cure rate in ovarian cancer patients is higher in kids than in adults. So Kaylee started receiving chemotherapy treatment for the next weeks as she started only the first round of the whole treatment.

Her mother, Kelly Tollyson was surprised by her daughter’s strength and ability to battle with the disease. While most people would’ve freaked out, she handled it like a true superhero, constantly smiling and being happy. Maybe it has something to do with the placebo effect where patients are able to heal themselves through positive thinking but Kaylee managed to be cured and fully cancer-free in less than a year. The doctors gave her the confirmation that she is to live her life normally and that the cancer risk has diminished after they did the intervention in her abdomen. This is truly great news for the little girl.

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