The way this choreography of Hallelujah is done by these high schoolers is way too impressive.

I just finished listening to Hallelujah for a thousand times after reading this article. I have the impression that I will stay up late tonight trying to finish work and listen to it a couple of more times. It is a song of subtleness and faith. Of pain and of love. It is a masterpiece of the classics of the twentieth century that still echoes today and inspires thousands of young hearts to either do a cover of it, maybe a remix or perhaps a choreography dance.

Even though the song is a ballad, the way that these high school girls are able to perform it is something taken out of a movie. It is truly magical. The way that they do half of the song with the other half is something so breathtaking that it will make you watch the video on replay over and over again. This is the reason why the video went viral after all. The girls are from Dodge City High School and them have done an amazing performance during the break of a basketball game when their team was playing for the championship.

They start off their performance by singing the song Hallelujah and slow dancing to the piano instrumental playing on the background. But then as the song’s second verse I over and the lead singer finishes the second chorus the lights go suddenly off. The girls are wearing what seem like dresses but in fact they can also be used as wings and they are equipped with blue lights that turn on the moment the lights go off. The whole atmosphere lights up from the girl’s dresses as they wave around and the tune of the song has totally changed now.

A remix of the song is playing which is faster and the girls move around more. Even though there weren’t too many people in the audience, the performance was like they were prepared for a public of thousands. Someone recording the performance posted it on Facebook and the video has gone viral almost immediately. Why wouldn’t it? It is a perfect choreography mixed with a song that has a very powerful message inside. It reminds me of the time that I flew home from Brussels airport where I played a public piano for three hours while waiting for the plane.

I don’t really know how to play piano but I just follow the moves of my fingers that flow with the rhythm of my soul. The song Hallelujah was created by Leonard Cohen in 1989 and he originally wrote 80 verses for the song even though the most popular ones are only five or seven. Having been covered multiple times the song has reached a classic level of excellence and the public is always pleased to listen to it or in this case even see it being danced by high school girls.

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