A Warning to all New Parents from a Father Who Watched his Infant Die in the 3rd Week of Her life – WASH YOUR HANDS Before you Handle a Newborn!

The joy and happiness that a couple feels when they find out that they’re about to have a baby are immense. And, that was the case with Jeff and Natasha located in Phoenix, Arizona. When the moment came to deliver the baby, the couple had already chosen the name for their daughter. They decided to name her Mallory. But, they’d also already made big plans for their family. The problems started when they started losing their child. Mallory passed away after only three weeks of life.

The doctors were caught off guard when the little girl started developing a fever. Her parents had to go through the process of seeing their little girl’s health slowly deteriorating until her life was done.

Medical professionals couldn’t get the hang of why the severe fever has appeared in the first week of Mallory’s life. Nobody visibly sick hasn’t come close to her, so, it was tough for them to diagnose her.

They started seeing signs of what Mallory’s health problem was when herpes started appearing. She had contracted herpes as the HSV-1 virus. But, by the time they got what was happening to her, it was already too late for Mallory. And the antivirus that she received didn’t have any time to react.

In the following two weeks of the disease spreading, the couple was forced to watch their little angel fade away bit by bit. With every passing hour, the state of their baby got worse, and they were experiencing heartbreak after heartbreak. Three weeks after she was brought in this world, Natasha and Jeff lost their little angel.

Jeff couldn’t do anything else than grieve, and after a whole month, he had gathered the strength to write a post on his Facebook profile. And, the aim of his post was nothing more than a pure will to educate other parents so that nobody would relive their fate.

In his post, he tried to educate new parents about the hygiene of their newborns. He stated that you should always wash your hands when you’re around or you have a new baby. He then dropped the fact that not a lot of parents knew. He said that despite the fact that you might be thinking otherwise, you’re probably infected with HSV-1. And, despite the fact that there haven’t been many fatalities connected to newborns and HSV-1. He said that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Factually, he’s not too far from the truth. Despite the fact that they are not showing any signs of the disease, more than half of the world’s population is infected with this virus. Make sure always to wash your hands thoroughly because early infants don’t have the immune system to fight the infection yet.

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