Olivia De Havilland turns 103 being the oldest living star from the movie ‘Gone with the Wind’.

Being old is great especially when you know you have achieved a lot in your life. You know that one of my biggest dreams is to grow old with my wife by my side and have the knowledge in me that I have done all I can and the best that I can to live a good life. Unlike my grandfather who I now 93, and just painfully waiting for death, I want to enjoy living the best life that I can live, by saying ‘yes’ to opportunities.

I really want to embrace what is given to me, instead of just hiding and striving to live a life of the security. To me, striving for security keeps one blocked and afraid of what is going on out there. That is why I would rather take risks while I am young and make sure that I achieve every goal I have, so I won’t have any regrets when I get old. Isn’t that beautiful? To be able to enjoy the last years of your life not worrying about money or death, but giving thanks for having lived a life of abundance.

If you are not a classic lover or how they say, ‘an old soul’, then you probably haven’t seen the movie ‘Gone with the Wind’, which was a Hollywood hit during the year 1939. And one of the main stars in the movie was the actress Olivia de Havilland. And now she is the oldest living star from the original movie. Olivia is 103 years old and she still looks beautiful. Having lived at her best life when she was young, she is so very happy now that she is old, carrying Oscar prices and other awards.

Olivia retired from acting 30 years ago but during the long-lasting career, she has left her mark into the world. Two years ago, when she was 101 years old, she was given the title ‘Dame Commander’, for the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. This made her the oldest person to ever receive the title. If it wasn’t for her great performance in the movie ‘Gone with the Wind’, she probably wouldn’t be where she is today. Let me introduce you a little bit with the movie’s plot. It is about the lives of Southern Americans during the 1860’s Civil War and Olivia plays the role of Melanie Wilkes.

Besides this movie, Olivia has also starred in other movies such as ‘The Snake Pit’ in 1948 and ‘The Heiress’ for both of which she has won an Oscar. She has also won the best actress award many times during her career of a total of 50 movies. Now that she is 103 years old she has confessed that she is really proud of what she has accomplished in her life. You can see how living the best life, can make you look beautiful and feel happier when you get old.

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