New mom bans her smoker mother in law from holding the baby unless she is nicotine free, out of the fear of third hand smoking.

Being a parent nowadays is very different from being a parent in the twentieth century. Back then parents were not as careful with their children as they are now. I have a feeling like parents back then would let kids take on a couple of adventures that would make them stronger. But the new parents of this generation are raising a bunch of soft children.

Like the king of comedy, George Carlin said one time during his stand up comedy: ‘When does a nowadays kids get to sit in the yard with a stick? Just sit there with a stick. Does a nowadays kid even know what a stick is?’ I doubt that also because these parents are being super protective and it is not good for the kids. They must have the freedom to be able to breathe and live happy, without worrying if they get hurt at any moment.

After all, life is full of hurting moments and if we keep spending our time trying to avoid each one of them, then we would have wasted our life away. Les Brown says that you got to be balled in life. You got to take life on. In this next story, I am about to tell you about a mother that took things too far for being super protective. This mother took it so far that she banned her mother-in-law from touching her baby without having showered and changed clothes.

The concern that the new mother had was third-hand smoking. You probably have heard of second-hand smoking and the damages that come with it. Third-hand smoking is nicotine remaining on clothes and furniture or even walls of the house, even after months that someone did not smoke in there. This kind of smoking might damage elderly people and babies. But the damage might be minor and might even vary from a maximum of ear infection, though studies show that babies can even develop asthma from third-hand smoke.

Having this concern, the young mother banned her smoker mother-in-law from holding the baby, unless she has showered and changed clothes after smoking. She might have taken it a bit too far actually. An aunty had interfered to settle the argument by letting the young mom know that she can set such a rule for her own house, but she cannot be this strict if she goes to the house of the mother-in-law. 

The level of baby protectiveness in this story is beyond any sense. Kids used to smoke a hundred years ago and they still managed to live more than eighty years old. I think these parents nowadays are just freaked out for no reason at all and by over protecting their kids, they are damaging them more.

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