Multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos has donated 98 million dollars for the homeless

Jeff Bezos will be giving a great sum this year for the homeless. Millions of people in this world suffer from lack of food, water, and shelter. People from all over the world suffer from this due to war, natural disasters and so on. I just saw how homelessness happens to you in just a snap. An earthquake hit my city and it was a total disaster. I remember waking up and hearing a loud noise, other than anything I have ever heard before. 

As I was only with underwear on, I jumped out of bed and sprinted the way through the door when the whole building shook. I thought that it was just a normal earthquake but as I was going through the stairs I saw the walls crumbling down on my shoulders. The walls were cracking before my eyes, I thought that was it for me and my wife that was screaming in terror while following me from behind.

As I was almost in the exit entrance the earthquake shook me so hard that I and my wife both fell brutally down the stairs. I hit my face in a corner resulting in a broken nose while my wife severely twisted her ankle. We went out realizing we were alive but behind us was a shattered building, minute away from totally collapsing. What happened next was a story on its own but that moment left me so traumatized. We soon realized our house was shattered and there was no turning back. We only had our bodies and some dollars that my wife had in her pocket. We were completely homeless and it took only 30 seconds. 

People think that to become homeless you must come from a very poor family or get kicked out by your family members. But people become homeless daily just by natural disasters such as this. I still cannot believe that my home is now no longer. Donations are the thing that keeps people to continue living and give them hope. This is what Jeff Bezos is also seeking. He has recently donated nearly $100 million to different organizations all over the world to help homeless people get shelter and food. 

Even last year it is said that he has donated nearly the same amount to different organizations. The most humane thing to do is to give a hand to those in need. Apart from being homeless, they carry the trauma of whatever they have experienced to bring them in that situation so the least people as wealthy as Bezos can do is donate for the unfortunate. It seems sad to see these problems through the news but when you are there and experience it you then realize that the only real purpose in this life is for us to be there for each other. To support each other through hard situations as much as we can afford because one day the good things that we do will be given back to us. 

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