Mother tries screen detox on her kids and gets awesome results.

It is almost crazy how dependent we have become on our technology. Whenever I see people around me, I either see them checking their phones, or laptops, or IPads. It is like technology has started to substitute our interpersonal relationships and we have started to find comfort in it. But what are the real effects of this internet overdose that we get ourselves into? And is it good for us? Well if we take our kids, for example, they seem to be the most affected generation by the technology. 

It pains me to see kids nowadays constantly staying on their phones and never even caring about the real world. One other factor is the lazy parents, who instead of doing their job as a parent, they are lazy and permit kids to stay on their phones, in order to keep them distracted. My wife’s aunt, for example, is a really lazy parent. She doesn’t really care about her kids and almost never gives them attention. Instead, she just gives them a phone where they can either play games or stay on Tik Tok and that’s it. 

Just yesterday I was travelling to another city and a woman on the seat in front of me had two kids with her. She pulled out a smartphone and gave it to one of them, and the kid started playing a violent game with guns and murdering.

And while the kid was distracted enough, she could stay on her other phone and mind her business. Back in the days when a kid would cry, the parent would sing a song or show him or her affection in order to calm them down. Now they give them an IPad or an iPhone and the kid will stop crying in a matter of seconds.

But fortunately, not everybody is like that. There are some mothers like Molly DeFrank who would rather act differently. In fact, when her kids would ask for a phone first thing when she would come from work, she decided to set some rules. Together with her husband, they decided that the kids would not use an electronic device again for 30 days. And it gave great results. Well at first the kids had some trouble adapting to the new rules but over time they found other things interesting as well, like reading.

In fact, Molly posted a photo on her Facebook page showing the whole family reading books on a Saturday morning. Apparently, the kids saw their parents reading and decided to grab a book for themselves and did the same thing. Now reading is an activity that stimulates the brain to work. Phones are designed to think for you which is not a good thing. Going out and playing in nature is awesome as well. Molly says that her daughter has jumped five reading levels ever since they went on a screen detox. Maybe you should try the same for yourself or even your kids.

I can’t recommend a family screen overhaul enough. Have you tried it? What happened?

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