I Love My Daughter She Brings me Happiness and Love!

Those who have felt the touch of their daughter know that daughters are like flowers and understand how daughters can fill your world with love and beauty.

Daughters are like flowers, they fill the
world with beauty. She is my beautiful
flower 8 pearl love her more than Ican
say: I thank the Lord for giving me an
daughter who grew up keeping every
good value taught to her. My daughter
is my most beautiful flower. I thank
God for you each and very day of my life
for blessing me with the most precious
daughter. May God protect you and keep
you safe always. Love you babydoll.

And you know what I mean when I am saying. I love her more than I can show you. And, to be honest with you I do love her and I love the fact that I raised a daughter who knows the good values of life. I hope that God stays by your side and protects you always! I can’t explain to you how precious you are to me, more than silver, more than gold, more than anything! I thank God for showing me what true love is! Love you honey boo! 

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