Be With Someone Who Truly Appreciates Your Love

Every day that you are breathing is a present. So make sure to love yourself first and be with someone who will love you just the same. Someone who will truly appreciate your presence and will call you first. That one person who will stand by your side, no matter how big the storm of life.

Don’t Love People Who Don’t Appreciate It.

Give your love to people who will always keep proving to you that they are worthy of it. Find someone who completely cherishes every moment that they are with you. Someone who cannot wait to see you or talk to you or even be in your presence.

Spend your time with the one that loves you more and supports you when you passionately talk about your visions and dreams. Someone that never loses faith in you even when the whole world seems to be against you. Someone who sees you as a miracle maker and who inspires you to become the best version you deserve to be. That person who will listen to you silently and give you their shoulder to cry on.

Love the One That Involves You In Their Future Plans

Be with someone who makes sure to involve you in their future dreams and goals. I am talking about someone who gets hyped about having a family with you. Someone who wants with no doubt to be their whole lives with you and wants you two to grow old together.

This person is the one that will want you two to become the best version of yourselves and will share any dream they have with you. They will want you to advise them and listen to their aspirations.

Be With Someone Who Makes You Their Priority

If your current partner doesn’t see you as their main priority, then you are wasting your time with the wrong person. You need to be with someone who will always put you first in their to-do list. You need to stop giving your love to the one that puts you on their second place and start looking for the one that will make you their number one thing.

That person is somebody worthy of your love. Find that somebody and keep them. And make sure that they are also on the very top of your priorities. Make sure that you appreciate them as much as they appreciate you. You both need to keep choosing each other constantly, no matter what happens.

And even though the hard times, the arguing, the imperfections and the flaws, you need to cherish each other for what you are. Embrace each other’s presence and appreciate every single moment you spend together. Make each other feel free and at home. You both deserve it.

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