Man was bullied from his ‘beer belly’.  Turns out it was a 77-pound tumor

Getting bullied does not mean you must be a kid younger than 18. Adults sure can be bullied too and my own eyes have witnessed it. Well, I was in a barbershop one day and I saw one man that was getting a haircut cursing one of what seemed to be his ‘weak’ friends. The friend looked poorer and skinnier than the other rest of the group. It was so hurting to watch as the guy who definitely was more than 40 years old, I would say 45 cursing his friend who was just sitting in the barbershop in a very uncomfortable position as the other men were laughing with him. 

When the ‘weak’ friend had enough with the bully and stood up to him, the bully immediately pressured him to apologize or else he would be beaten up by him. The poor guy was scared and said sorry. Can you imagine all this happened between a couple of adults? I was very shocked. How could a grown man let another man bring him down like that? This is what was happening to Hector Hernandez. He was continuously getting bullied because of his huge ‘beer belly’ that he had. 

His friends would always call him names and also he would even catch strangers talking about him and staring at his belly. Hector did not look fat or overweight in his leg area or his face, but he weighed a big 300 pounds. Doctors often sent him back home after a checkup telling him that it was not a big problem that his belly looked like that. They said that Hector just deposited fat in only one main area of the body and that he should get used to it. 

Hector knew something was wrong. He was sure that this was not normal and on the other hand, wanted to get rid of whatever was I his stomach. Throughout the years he was having trouble breathing and also other complications like heart burning and trouble walking. It was there when he went to go and see a specialist. And to his surprise, he was right all along. Hector was carrying a tumour all this time and it weighed a whole 77 pounds. It turns out that he had retroperitoneal liposarcoma which is a tumour that can have a high chance of forming into cancer. 

He was soon sent to surgery to remove the tumor and fortunately the surgery was a complete success. He removed the tumour and now looks like a completely different person. He has talked about his whole experience on social media and said that the would not have had the courage to do it without the support and prayers of his family. now he says that he feels like a new man and also the bullying has stopped and just some teasing here and there about how Hector used to look. All that matters is that he is healthier than he was before and also 77 pounds lighter.

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