Man saves dog from drowning in a freezing cold lake

Dogs are a man’s best friend and they are also one of the most loyal pets we have walking with us today. But they can put themselves in danger from time to time simply out of not knowing as much as humans. We sometimes do not like taking our dogs out for a walk probably because it is too cold outside or you just like staying in your pyjamas and drinking hot coffee

 It is just too cosy sometimes to move but for your dog’s sake you got to do what you got to do and that is taking your dog out for some fresh air and because they just love to go out and see nature. Don Chatten had taken his two dogs one day for a walk along the New York City Lake. But because it was freezing cold that day the water had most frozen and even one minute in it could leave you shocked.

Of course that Don had nothing to do near the lake on that freezing cold day but he could not help one of his dogs acting weird and forcing him to go towards the lake. The man was confused as to why the dog was heading towards the lake and did not expect that after just seconds of going near the lake the dog would just jump inside, trying to catching whatever had caught his eye. Don soon would hear his dog weeping from the extreme icy waters so he called the police not knowing what to really do. 

He realized that the dog’s life was on his hands and that the police would come too late to save him. So with having no other choice to follow, Don then went inside the freezing lake hoping for the best. The lake was like thousands of sharp knives entering his body but Don was determined to save the poor pooch. Because he had the courage to enter those circumstances the dog was saved in time and got sent to the hospital. Thankfully he did not have any severe damage due to the freezing circumstances. And thankfully Don had not even one scratch on him either.

The universe works in puzzling manners. There is something many refer to as the karmic law that whatever you accomplish for other people, hits you up. The chances that you put love out there, the vitality is continually watching and will bring back adoration for you. No matter to whom you show the affection, it very well may be an individual, a creature, it tends to be anything. For whatever length of time that you keep that great vitality streaming, anything that you will get will resound with that equivalent vitality you have been emanating.

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