Former Navy Seals form a team for saving people from human trafficking.

Human trafficking is still a problem all over the world, even though you may think in this day and age something so horrible should not be a thing, in America, it is still a big problem.

The non-profit organization called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, in 2016, received over 8 million reports. That same year the toll-free hotline, The National Human Trafficking Hotline, had almost eight thousand cases of missing people.

Because of so many cases reported, Joseph Travers, a private investigator co-founded, Saved in America, a non-profit organization including private investigators, ex-Navy Seals, and other experts that volunteer to help the families that have reported a missing member.

Travers and his team worked on the disappearance of a little girl and her friend when they were riding their bikes back in 2016. They were hired by the families of the girls, and less than seven days later, Travers managed to find and save the girl just in time. She was kidnapped by a group of criminals that were going to sell her into slavery.

They are so good at what they do that, from January 2018, all of the 58 cases that they were hired to solve, they have saved every one of those 58 people. The numbers speak for themselves, and since December 2014, the group has managed to save and get back to safety 223 people. The majority of those 223, they had managed to get to them before they were trafficked.

Not only saving the children, but for those that they don’t manage to get before being trafficked in some different country, SIAM provides legal representation, so they can be brought back home. Before everything can be sorted, they provide shelter and anything they need before getting them back home.

Mike Williams, who is a sheriff in Florida and part of SIAM himself, has said that the group can be a massive help to the law enforcement during the investigations and retrieval of the missing children. He added that the public can be surer that if someone that has gone missing with the help of SIAM, the percentage of getting them back in significantly larger.

The point where Travers couldn’t take it anymore and thought to himself that he needs to do something about the human trafficking was when he heard of the disappearance and murder of Brittanee Drexel, back in 2009. When seeing that, he began to gather a team and formed the SIAM.

Travers has explained how they go on and help the parents of the missing children. He has said that when a problem like that arises, the parents don’t know what they should do, and they stay at home and wait for what is going to happen. Because panic sets in quite quickly, the team comes in and makes sure the parents are alright and then proceeds to help law enforcement with the case of the missing person.

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