Love yourself No Matter If Other’s Treat You Bad.

Always remember to love yourself first. I know it is hard to do so when other people treat you badly. And I know that one of the hardest things on Earth is when someone you love doesn’t treat you with love. That is the meanest thing to ever go through and I have been down that road myself many times. And guess what? Some of those people are still in my life. Maybe it has something with the way that I was raised because I have seen my father treat my mother badly so many times.

And she stood by his side despite it all. But guess what else? She loves and appreciates herself more than anything in the world. And that is just fantastic. I must’ve gotten that habit from her. Because no matter how wrong people might treat me, I love myself more and more. I know I am a genius. This may sound cocky, but I just love myself for the virtues that I have and the pureness that God has planted into my soul. I even wrong myself sometimes with some things that I do, but I always remember to practice self-forgiveness.

If I start counting people who have treated me badly, it would take the seconds out of a whole year. Don’t get this twisted. I am not playing the victim here. I am just saying the truth. Take my wife for example. She and I might have an argument over anything, and she can just walk away from me. It can be over anything petty or small and she has left me so many times either by changing directions on the street or getting up the table at a bar, completely disrespecting me. And I keep chasing after her because I love her.

Don’t allow someone to treat you poorly just because you love them.

Take my cousin for example, who happened to also be my best friend since I was two. He displays a complete lack of respect towards me by calling me names when I disagree with him in a matter of opinions or when I’m in his car, he just turns up the volume so much that my ears hurt. Why do I keep staying with these people? You might think that I am miserable. But I am really not. My heart is just wider than that and I always find a way to forgive them.

Take my father, who will text me the worst kind of offense if I told him I will come one day and I didn’t. But remember one thing. No matter how they treat me, I always love myself. I know how many values I got and God knows that I am a great person. I just don’t want to live my life in hate. So to you out there reading this and are maybe going through the same, hold on man. Forgive them and love yourself to the fullest. Don’t waste time holding grudges and even if they treat you badly, remember that you are a perfect being. You are the soul of a sunshine baby.

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