30 mistreated ponies finally get the chance of getting rescued

We all do something in this world in order to make money. Whether it is a 9-5 job, farming, a business or just investing in commodities. This is how the world works and it is up to us to decide how or what are we going to provide for others to get our individual profits. 

But some people find the easy way out by taking advantage of others. In this story by others, I mean innocent ponies. One owner had decided to make a profit out of ponies. And that might sound just like something normal in the farming world. 

Actually, when I first heard of it I did not understand what all the fuss was about. Farmers usually have animals they breed on their property. And they usually do it for monetary profit and for goods that the animal gives, like milk, eggs and others. 

I have an auntie that does almost the same thing. Some years ago she purchased 4 sheep and fed them and breaded them. Now, not only does she make her own cheese, milk, yogurt, but she also has over 19 sheep. 

When there are too many sheep to handle she sells them and gets a good profit out of them. When I saw the sheep for myself once, I saw that they were very well handled and had a lot of space to roam around. 

The scenery just melted my heart, it was like something out of a cartoon movie for kids. The sun was shining, the grass was green and the sheep were with their little ones roaming around the farm.

But taking care of animals is very hard and takes a bit of money and a lot of time invested for them to be happy. This owner might have chosen the easiest way possible by just breeding and feeding the ponies the recommended minimum he should of. 

The ponies were mistreated and had no life of their own. If you would take a look at them they would look like mops because of their uncut hair. 

After the owner reached 30 ponies he decided to sell them to make a profit. Thankfully the ponies ended up in the Hillside Shire Horse Sanctuary. Here, a new life was waiting for them. 

When the ponies finally arrived they some were sick, some were very depressed. But staff were determined to take care of every single one of them. They started off by giving the ponies medical help and a lot of hay to eat. 

The ponies got used to the new like and started feeling more like themselves and becoming happier for their new environment. All thanks to Hillside Shire Horse Sanctuary.

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