Horse sad about his owner’s death

Horses have been around forever, and they may not bond with you or love you as a dog would, they still can be close with their owners. Humans have been using horses for thousands of years. In the beginning, they were used for traveling and helping people in agriculture. In the recent 100 years or so, horses aren’t being used as much for helping out in everyday needs. With inventions such as cars, trains, planes, horses aren’t needed for transport anymore. And with machines being created for plowing and other things in agriculture, horses have stopped being used in the fields.

Nevertheless, people are still looking after horses and ride them from time-to-time. Because the owners spend so much time with them, they can form a healthy bond and get close with their owner, who looks after them.

Sereno is a horse that did just that. He had a fantastic bond with his owner, Wagner Lima.

They were both from Brazil, and every day Wagner would go to his horse, and they would ride for a while having a good time. Everyone that knew Wagner knew that he was so close to his horse, even saying they were best friends. For almost eight years, they were inseparable, and Wagner would take care of Sereno and ride him on a day-to-day basis.

One day, everything changed when Wagner was in a terrible motorcycle accident, and tragically lost his life shortly after. Time went by, and Sereno was still waiting for his best friend to visit him and go for a ride. Sereno, after some time, was acting up and maybe thought that Wagner didn’t care about him anymore since he wasn’t coming to see him.

Wagner’s family knew that Sereno was acting up because he hadn’t seen Wagner for some time. And they wanted to show the horse that Wagner won’t be coming to see him anymore. On the day of the funeral, Wagner’s brother, Wando, took the horse to the church.

Wando was walking the horse beside the vehicle where his brother’s coffin was transported. When Wando broth the horse closer to the coffin, something happened that left everyone shocked.

At one point, Sereno might have smelled his best friend inside the coffin, and he started making noises. It looked like he figured out why Wegner wasn’t coming to see him anymore. It seemed like with him making noises, he was also saying his last goodbyes to his best friend.

As Wagner’s family started taking out the coffin from the vehicle, the horse began to whimper even more and started hitting the ground with his legs.

Wagner’s brother has said that Sereno meant everything to his brother and that he loved him so much and enjoyed spending time with him. The horse will now be taken by Wando, and he will continue taking care of him.

They treated and will keep treating Sereno as a part of the family, and family is there to look after each other. Wando knows that nothing will be the same with Wagner gone. He has said that he was such a kind and loving person, and everyone that knew him would say the same. Wando will continue to love the horse just like his brother did and will try to care and be there for him whenever he needs something.

Human-horse bonds aren’t easy to form, but if you had the chance to witness one, it is a beautiful sight to see. Experts like Robin Foster, who is an animal behaviorist, has said that first, you have to gain their trust, and from them forward, you will build up a close bond with them. There are various ways to create a bond with a horse, and one of them is when the horse is acting in a kind manner, the person should reward it with kindness.

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