6-year-old raises more than $20.000 for Australian wildlife by giving out clay Koala’s

You have probably heard all the bad news about Australia’s wildfires. Thousands of wildfires have formed all over the continent all due to extreme hard weather. 

This has a very bad impact on the wildlife of Australia. More than 1 billion animals have passed away in the fires. And millions of saved animals are relying on donations in order to get treated for their injuries and get fed.

Owen Colley, a 6-year old that currently lives in America saw in the news that all of these wildfires were happening all across Australia. He was concerned if any animals were hurt, so he asked his mother. 

Owen’s mother sadly said that it was true. She later found a picture that Owen had drawn was with some of Australia’s most known animals happily living in the wildlife while it was raining. 

When the mother asks why did her son draw such a thing, he said that he just wanted the animals to be happy and hoped that rain would start pouring again in Australia. 

His mother was surprised seeing his wish for something other than toys, so she decided to do something to make Owens wish come partly true. 

They both came with the idea that they would make clay koalas and send a koala to everyone that would spend donate $50 or more to Wildlife Rescue South Coast. 

Their goal was to raise $1000 dollars. But after just a week they were surprised to see that they had helped raise $20000 for the Australian wildlife. 

So they decided to open their own GoFundMe page. And for every $25 dollar donated they would give out a clay koala to the donator. 

Not only would that but for every $25 donated one kangaroo be fed for a whole month. So many people had donated that there was one time where Owen ran out from clay and was concerned he could not continue anymore. 

His mother was so supportive of him, she actually traveled for two hours to get the clay. Even though Owen is just six years old, he has saved many and probably thousands of animals of Australia get the proper help and be fed. 

We all need to give in this crisis, even just $1 of yours would help feed one animal in need for one whole day. It will also help ease the pain of the wildfires and all of the losses. 

Because even though we might think of all of those losses of life, we need to be concerned about all the thousands of acres of burned forests that gave this planet fresh air. They need to be replanted. 


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