When your own family members stop talking to you

Everyone has those moments with their family. Where they just fight with each other and some of them even stay mad for a long time. 

This anger sometimes just shuts these people down and they do not talk to you. Every family has some kind of dark secret or something problematic that you know it had since the very beginning. 

This often leads to anger building inside you and the anger is so strong it can keep people by not talking with family for months. 

Yes, I had more problems and fights in my household than the average person has had. Since I was very small I saw fistfights, screaming, furniture-breaking, even the police being called multiple times. 

I do not know whose fault it was, but it did leave its damage on me. I have seen myself to have anger issues, run away from arguments, and be abusive.

Sometimes parents do not get that their children should not be a part of their fights and problems. Especially when the child is an infant. 

This forms the child and leaves them with trauma. This leaves them in need of therapy. Me personally, I do need a lot of therapy. After escaping a very abusive family when I was just 17, I found out that it had left me with complications. 

Well by escaping I do not mean never talking or seeing them again. I just got my own place to live and continued my life with my boyfriend. 

I did talk to all my family members so and so. But later I found out what huge damage my family had left me. 

My boyfriend was actually raised different, in a family that believed that things are not settled with abuse and talking to each other is the key to all problems.

Well, that defiantly was not me. I screamed, cursed, try to leave him multiple times for no reason. I could even remember kicking him out multiple times until he would cry not to do it. 

I hope that was the end of me being abusive but it was not, I beat him, abuse him psychologically on to the point he had to take medicine for all that stress. On the other hand, at that time my dad was just treating me so badly because I did not want to continue university. 

I just then figured out that he was the cause of everything. He had made me like this he was the toxic one in the family, so I decided what a lot of kids do. I decided I would never talk to my dad again. 

I saw a drastic change in me throughout those months, I just decided to forget everything and start fresh. I fixed the relationship and we are both happy more than ever.

Sad to say that people that are toxic, even when it comes to your own parent, it is sometimes better to get them out of your life so you can start fresh. 

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