Little girl’s condition worsens when taking ibuprofen

Day after day, we get news about the spread of the coronavirus. How much it has spread, how many people have been tested positive, and how many didn’t survive it. Scientists and doctors from around the world for some time now are debating if ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory medicine, should be used to battle the virus. One stepfather from Bristol, England, has posted on his social media. He said that his 4-year-old stepdaughter that already had some coronavirus symptoms felt even worse after taking medicine.

On his post, he urges parents with young children, to not give them ibuprofen if they have any kind of symptoms. He has said that his stepdaughter Amelia has been under the weather for a few days, having a cough and a fever. He added that one morning she was burning up pretty severely while in bed with him and his wife. They gave her the ibuprofen, and after just an hour, her condition got even worse. She couldn’t breathe normally, her heart was beating way to fast, her whole body started to shake, and her temperature got even higher.

After witnessing Amelia getting worse, Dan called an ambulance. When the paramedics got to their home, they quickly managed to get her temperature down and stabilize everything else. She was still not back to normal, but she showed some signs of improvement.

Amelia was given other medicine that brought her back feeling under the weather, but at least better than while she received that ibuprofen. While the paramedics were still at their home, they told the parents to not give her any ibuprofen again.

Experts from around the world have warned people of the use of ibuprofen if any Covid-19 symptoms occur. While it can help with head and stomach aches, taking ibuprofen can damage our immune system for a while. And if you are suffering from the coronavirus, you need your immune system to be at its best. Dr. Amir Khan, who works for the British National Health Service, has said that with taking ibuprofen, you will weaken the immune response. With a weakened immune system, the virus won’t be fought correctly. That can lead to future complications, and you will be sick for a more extended period of time.

Dr. Khan also advised that a good alternative to ibuprofen, if you have any pain or have spiked a fever, is paracetamol. Olivier Veran, who is the Health Minister of France, also has posted on social media. He stated that if you have a fever, the best choice is to take paracetamol instead of other anti-inflammatory drugs.

Other experts like Muge Cevik, who is a scientist at the University of St Andrews Infection and Global Health Division, hardly disagree with the statements that Dr. Khan and Oliver Veran have said. He thinks that ibuprofen can’t have negative effects on people who are suffering from Covid-19.

“There’s no scientific evidence I am aware of that ibuprofen [causes worse] outcomes in #COVID19.”

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